About Me

Welcome to my website!

  My name is Joseph Porpora and I am a recent graduate of Boston College. I majored in Computer Science and Economics, and this website is to showcase some of my projects in the fields of software engineering and data analysis (as well as being one itself!).

  I am a dedicated and incredibly self-motivated worker and have completed many projects for both my undergraduate classes and in my personal endeavors to learn new skills. I've learned a host of coding languages to do everything from front-end design to database creation to economic research and can pick up new skills incredibly fast due to my technical background. I will continue to update this website with the projects and skills I learn in my efforts to grow academically.

  I am currently looking to start a career in the field of software engineering or data analysis. Ever since my first research project (Economic Status vs Crime in the NavBar!), I have really enjoyed diving into complex datasets and finding interesting narratives within the data. Last Summer I interned for Boston Road Runners, a running non-profit which seeks to foster an inclusive running community in the Boston area. As a data analytics intern, I gained first hand experience cleansing and analyzing client data in Excel, organizing reports for donors and sponsors, and optimizing future data-collection through more uniform entry methods. The ability to make data-informed decisions to make positive change in my internship was an incredible experience.

   Recently, my inspiration to learn more in the field of data analytics has come from two different books. Freakonomics, by Levitt and Dubner, provides many case studies on unorthodox ways in which data was used to solve problems, like unearthing a massive cheating scandal in the Japanese sumo wrestling community. The xG Philosophy, by James Tippett, discusses how new methods for recording and using statistics in soccer have revolutionized how some teams scout players and how gamblers have made millions upon millions on the sport in recent years. Brentford FC, a team recently promoted to the English Premier League, are the soccer equivalent of the "Moneyball" Oakland A's, and are a must watch as this data revolution in soccer plays out in real time.

  If interested in contacting me, please click on the Contact section in the NavBar!