Online Shopping Simulator

  A simulated online shopping experience was my first endeavor into planning and creating modular code using object oriented design. For my Object Oriented Design course, I created what the back-end of an online shopping experience may look like, which broke various behind the scenes components into modular objects. "Clothes" in the store were created using factory methods and added to a "cart" which was modeled using the decorator pattern. All code was written in Java.

  The inspiration for this project was a similar project I completed for a Database Systems and Applications course. The final group project was to design the SQL database behind an online shopping website. SQL tables were created to represent customers, products, and orders, while a shopper front-end was created in the Oracle App Developer Environment. To see how the execution of this concept would differ between coding languages, I decided to tackle it using Java and object oriented design to contrast the SQL and database tables.

  This project was my first time tackling a coding project of this size, as well as my first time creating visual representations of software design. I designed UML diagrams to represent how all of the aspects of the software were related. More explanation of how to run the project as well as all of its code is available on my GitHub, while the PDF write-up contains a more in-depth analysis of each file's contents, as well as sample inputs and outputs.