Intelligence vs Intimacy: An Examination of Higher Education and Marital Outcomes

  Intelligence vs Intimacy was a research paper I co-wrote my senior year for my Econometrics course. With a wide selection of datasets to use and questions to answer, my group decided to examine the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG). After inspecting the nature of the data collected, especially the variables pertaining to marriage and education, we wondered if one's level of education affects their likelihood to be married, as well as the success of one's marriage.

  Using the NSFG, we learned that an increase in education is linked with a higher likelihood to be married for women, while men only receive a boost to marriage likelihood once they receive a college degree. Higher levels of education are also loosely linked to fewer marriages per person, indicating higher quality marriages less likely to end in divorce. All data analysis for this project was done using Stata.