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Book Bargains

  Book Bargains is a final group project I created for a software engineering course. The business scenario we were presented with was to design a platform for college students seeking to buy/sell books with ease once they were done with a course. The result was a website which allowed for easy listing as well as efficient searching with a variety of filters. The project was created using a Django framework with Python code, as well as HTML and CSS for the front-end.

  Besides learning how to make software with both front-end and back-end components, this project gave me great insight into software development processes and industry standard practices. Using what we learned from class, my group experimented with different development methodologies, including Agile, the Waterfell method, as well as Scrum sprints. Though not all were entirely succesful, (waiting for others to finish in the Waterfall method felt wasteful on time), testing and implementing different methods gave me a great deal of insight into the interpersonal side of software development.

  The original GitHub repository for this project is private and created by the course's professor, and in order to not re-upload the code of my project members as my own, I can not uplaod a GitHub repository for this project. Additionally, the software was only uplaoded temporarily on the web hosting service Heroku, so there is no active current demo without running the downlaoded code through terminal. Below is the final delivery we submitted for the project, which includes notes on our development approches, an image of our data map, as well as several images of what the software looks like for a user.


Tools Used