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Portfolio Website

  This website was my first large project in the field of web development. Prior to making it, I only had limited experience using HTML and CSS, so I wanted to take the opportunity to improve my web development skills. Before designing the website, I did a deep dive into learning HTML and CSS.

  Designing this website presented unique challenges I was yet to experience when coding. Though I was familiar with back-end coding and de-bugging code, creating an aesthetically pleasing front-end was an exciting challenge. This endeavor not only had to have the content but also frame it in a way that would catch the eye of any visitors. Though I come from a more technical computer science background, this was a fun way to apply my affinity for graphic design.

  Over time I will continue to update this website with my projects, as well as updating the website code itself. My first priorities are to work on making the website more responsive to window size changes, as well as to clean up the code to remove any redundancies.